Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the creation and use of co-ordinated information for the design and production of high quality construction documents; the purpose of which is to predict performance, estimate cost and plan construction. It is a model-based technology linked to a database of project information which enables seamless communication between all stakeholders associated with the construction process. BIM technology is used for the entire building life cycle, including the facility operation and maintenance.

ArchiDraft’s BIM Services benefits your practice by compressing the design life cycle. This is done by increasing collaboration between Owners, Architects, Engineers and Contractors. Our Building Information Modeling co-ordinates different services to avoid conflicts, produces high quality accurate construction documents and is efficient and time saving. Building Information Modeling also creates savings by eliminating waste and speeding up construction management, it removes clutter on site by providing accurate Quality and Quantity schedules.

At ArchiDraft our team comprises of professional Architectural Technicians and BIM Managers who have a comprehensive understanding of worldwide architectural and construction standards and practices. We have mastered the use of latest BIM technology and software products, like Revit Building System, to enhance the productivity and benefits of our service to your practice. We also work on other platforms depending on client preferences.

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