About ArchiDraft

Our offices are located in Dundalk, County Louth, from where we deliver an inclusive range of professional, practical and centralised Drawing and Planning services to Architects, Engineers, Construction and Manufacturing Companies. We work within the Commercial, Domestic and Industrial building sectors, creating drawings and models for projects of various scales and complexities. Our advanced 3D Rendering and Modelling CAD technology allows us to produce and deliver Construction, Planning and Architectural drawings of a premium calibre. We also digitize plans from paper, making them more versatile, workable and up to date. Our work integrates all the advantages of our 20 years experience in the industry, where we have gained invaluable knowledge and insight regarding planning regulations and legislation. All our services are efficient and cost effective, carried out by our dedicated team of qualified professionals. At ArchiDraft we pride ourselves on producing and delivering expert quality plans, drawings and models in a time saving and cost effective manner that ultimately benefits and advances our clients planning applications and project management.

Our Mission

Since our establishment in 2010 our primary aim is to always deliver a service that is professional, friendly, client focused and efficient. We provide a comprehensive outsourcing service to Architectural Practices, Civil and Structural Engineers, Construction and Manufacturing Companies which has proven to be a sound and economically positive option that is far less demanding on time and resources.

Our dedicated team share a wealth of knowledge and experience in the planning, design and tendering process; all of which demand diligence, proficiency and a specific skill set. We have produced plans, drawings and models for numerous building projects, both at home and abroad including the UK and Middle East.

Our comprehensive Architectural Drawing service includes everything from converting hand made drawings to Computer Aided Designs, to drawings for tender, to revised plans and As Built drawings. All are executed by our expert team of Architectural and CAD technicians.


At ArchiDraft we offer a productive and collaborative service to our clients, taking on tasks that can be draining on time and human resources. This includes producing Planning Drawings, BIM, Building Control for Ireland and the UK, Tender Drawings, Working Drawings and Details, 3D Rendering and Modelling, As Built Drawings and also applications for Disability Access and Fire Safety Certificates; all adhering to current regulations and guidelines.


We use the very latest in CAD technology which allows us to produce fully detailed Architectural drawings and models that include Electrical, Plumbing and Sanitation infrastructure, elevation and section drawings, floor plans and landscaping. These can be digitally rendered into a 3D model of the finished building or construction which can be texturised, moulded and customised accordingly, allowing the client to see a virtual version of the completed project.


At ArchiDraft our objective is to draft and produce expert Architectural, Planning and Detailing drawings and models that are fully compliant with local authority standards, regulations and guidelines. We do this in an efficient and cost effective manner; with the aim of making consultation and planning easier for all the stakeholders involved. We serve the Industrial, Commercial Healthcare and Domestic sectors, working closely with Architectural and Construction firms at home and abroad.
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